Best Teeth Whitening Products

Best Teeth Whitening Products

The thought of living with stained teeth is frustrating. Whilst you want a beautiful smile with glistering teeth, you ought to come up with a suitable strategy to whiten your teeth. Are you sure a dentist procedure is what you necessitate? Sometimes the procedure is painful and involves chemical that can harm your dental formula. Additionally, are you certain about natural remedies? If you prolong these natural procedures you might harm your gum or enamel. Lastly, do you think industrial whitening products are ideal for teeth whitening? Presently there are numerous products you can elect from. Subsequent are best teeth whitening product tips that will aid you attain your desired outlook.


When you opt for dental whitening procedure, the major setback is associated costs. This procedure takes much time to completion. As such, you should select a more cost effective means of teeth whitening. A suitable alternative is the whitening strips. Nonetheless, the strip takes quit a while in your mouth before it cleans your teeth. Therefore, it requires moderation during the application timeframe. Unconventionally, you can substitute the strips with a logic alternative such as the strays. The best about the trays is that you will necessitate wearing them for 45 minutes only. After 3 days, you get the result that you yearn for, whitened teeth. However, though rarely, the gel in this product tends to leak from the tray.

The super-smile is amid top rated teeth whitening products of modern age. Similar to the strays, it costs only $36. It’s used as a paste such that you brush it through your teeth for around 10 days before you achieve whitened teeth. It comes with additional supplements such as a gum and mouth wash liquids, thus, you smell fresh all day. According to reviews, this product has less downside; moreover, it counteracts tooth sensitivity as often witnessed in strips methodologies.

Conversely, if you are not an enthusiast of the mentioned products, think about toothpastes. They are equally effective. These products vary according to manufactures and are very cheap. Ascertain that you brush your teeth all day using these toothpastes, but do not expect positive results the same day. A good example of this product is Colgate Pro.

When you are choosing the modernized whitening products, regularly check with your dentist. These products are effective; however, it can affect your gum if you have gum diseases. Also, buy new teeth whitening products and use electronic brush to clean your teeth everyday.

5 Best Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

Earlier, the only way to get your teeth whitened was by booking appointments with a dentist. The procedures that would follow hereafter were more frustrating than your discolored teeth. Furthermore, dentists of the era incorporated bleaching schemes in their procedures, although this carry out has been improvised, still it’s not safe. Therefore, steer clear of chemical related teeth whitening methods and consider simpler alternatives such as natural teeth whitening. As such, subsequent are the best tips that will aid you whiten your teeth naturally and in the comfort of your home.


  • Always have a regular appointment with a dentist. It’s crucial to have a guide on your endeavors, and what better light than a physician often examine your teeth. Well, this is crucial since there are certain natural teeth whitening remedies that can influence your enamel. Such can be excessive use of whitening products with hydrogen peroxide compound present.
  • Use a suitable toothbrush and brush your teeth at least twice a day. For instance, you can opt for an electric toothbrush. They effectively remove all stubborn stains from your teeth. In this case, do not use industrial toothpaste, but natural remedies. For instance, you can use strawberries and lemon juice or baking soda to make homemade toothpaste. Buy the berries and grind a handful then mix with 2 teaspoons of baking soda or sufficient amount of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your teeth and let it rest for five minutes, then brush with the electric toothbrush and clean with lots of clean water thereafter.
  • Steer clear of colored drinks such as club soda or drinking water with excessive fluorides. Foremost, colored drinks will stain your teeth. Instead of using a glass or drinking from the bottle, use a straw. Same applies to colored alcohol and whine.
  • Reduce excessive smoking. You can substitute this habit with eating crunchy fruits such as carrots, celery and berries. The crunchy effect of the fruits increases abrasion, thereby whitening your teeth naturally.
  • Coffee and tea contain caffeine, which is often healthy in small amounts, but increases teeth staining. Since you cannot take these drinks with a straw, drink lots afterwards and limit their intake.

If you follow the above natural teeth whitening tips, the endeavor will effectively erase teeth stains and improve your confidence. These tips are simple to execute, you can implement them while your eyes are closed. Stay healthy.

Best at Home Teeth Whitening Tips

Though you necessitate white teeth, it’s good to keep your dental formula; therefore, think about suitable alternatives such as best at home teeth whitening tips. White teeth will give you the confidence you desire. As such do not opt for cosmetic dentistry. Though, presently it is a pain free and process, you can still attain the same results from the comfort of your home. Following are tips that will aid you achieve glistering teeth.


  • The diet that you adhere to is important. Substitute sweetened sugary stuffs with crunchy foods. Of a kind food include the majority of fruits such as apple, celery, pears and carrots among others. When you chew the crunch, your teeth benefits from the abrasive nature of the fruits, thus cleaning your teeth. Eat these fruits without slicing them or blending their juices.
  • Substitute unhealthy cereals with healthy dairy products. These include cheese, yoghurt and milk. According to recent studies, these products encompass mineral constituents such as phosphorus and calcium, which are ideal for strengthening and whitening the teeth. As a result, you get glistering and stronger enamel.
  • Keep the strawberries coming! The more strawberries you consume, the whiter your teeth become. This fruit contains an acid called Malic, which effectively erases teeth discoloration from smoking or whichever the contributing factors is. Chew them in their rough texture. To increase its efficiency, grind the berry; mix with baking soda, then use the paste to brush your teeth. Additionally, you can alternate the baking soda with lemon juice. Whichever mixture you opt for, leave it to rest for 5 minutes in your mouth before brushing off.
  • Use baking soda and water. This can be used independently to brush your teeth or you can mix with drops of water to form a paste. Apply the paste on your toothbrush and use it as tooth paste. Baking soda contains hydrogen peroxide, a teeth cleaning agent.
  • When you want to drink club soda, or any colored fizzy drinks, use a straw rather than a glass. Coloration in the drinks stains the teeth. Actually, this is the easiest, best at home teeth whitening
  • Rather than a manual toothbrush, buy the electric model. Ever heard of stubborn stains? Well, this kind of toothbrush is ideal in removing of kind stains leaving every tooth’s surface clean.

Now you have grasped the best at home teeth whitening methods, precede top electing a procedure that suits you and get your confidence back.

Best Teeth Whitening Products of 2015

Best teeth whitening products are cheap, thus do not opt for natural remedies that will harm your tooth. Using these genuine products to brush your teeth regularly will increase the whitening effect. Following are a variety of products you can elect.

Use Crest3D

This white fluoride toothpaste is unique in the whitening market in that it encompasses a constituent white-bond protection facet. Thus, once your tooth is whitened, no satins will form. Additionally, it aids to prevent cavities, counteract tartar and plaque from the teeth.

Use Sensodyne Extra

This is whitening products; particularly if you are suffering from sensitive teeth yet you are yearning for white teeth. It combines potassium nitrate essential for sensitivity with whitening constituents to offer users the best of both. Brush your teeth regularly for immediate results. Furthermore, with this best teeth whitening product, you do not need to worry about tooth sensitivity.


Use Colgate Pro

This is a clinically advised tooth paste. It uses whitening formulas that incorporate Pro-Luminex effects. As the results, it removes teeth stains that are present and prevents further staining. Well, this is in addition to fighting cavities among other dental complications. With Colgate Pro, you do not necessitate a dentist or natural whitening remedies.

Use AuqaFresh Toothpaste

This is an extremely effective whitening product with fluoride compound. Other than tooth whitening and Micro-foaming facets, your mouth will subsist fresh all day. Moreover, it boosts germ killing and other tooth cleansing provisions.

Use advanced Mentadent Toothpaste

As a whitening product, Mentadent cleans your teeth without any abrasive outcomes. It does so gently and removes stains from diverse locations, as such, they have incorporated baking soda and a compound peroxide to execute the deep cleaning. Additionally, you get necessary teeth protection throughout the day, thus you do not have to worry about eating sweetened foodstuffs. Mentadent uses a pump, unlike its earlier version which used a tube. This enhances its use. This product is probably the most efficient in this market to date.

Now you have the best teeth whitening products you can ever hope for. This toothpaste is effective and will give you the best results. However, do not expect to get the result overnight. Compared to natural remedies, with the aforementioned products, you do not need to worry about damaged cavities or enamel. The products have been tested and approved as as genuine for consumer use.

Best Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Yellow stains on your teeth are caused by diverse facets, perhaps smoking. Regardless of the cause, if you want to remove the stain fast, think about home remedies for teeth whitening and avoid the dentist and other chemicals, unless you want to interfere with your dental formula. Subsequent are top remedies for teeth whitening that you can adhere to and get the best results.

  1. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is used to whiten the teeth and the procedure is simple. Use lemon juice to brush your teeth. Lemon makes the teeth white by removing some of the calcium layers that causes tooth decay.


  1. Use Wood Ash

Whitening the teeth with wood ash is simple, collect some from your fireplace and use to brush your teeth. It incorporates the compound potassium hydroxide. The home remedies for teeth whitening was encompassed by the earlier generation because of the whitening effect. Nonetheless, don’t make it a regular habit; potassium hydroxide can damage your teeth.

  1. Use Strawberries

Simply mash strawberries and use to brush your teeth. This fruit is a suitable alternative for short term whitening of the teeth. However, after using the mashed strawberry, you ought to brush your teeth with toothpaste if you do not want to lose some enamel. Moreover, after using the fruit, allow for 15 -20 minutes before brushing with toothpaste. This procedure has been tested and proved healthy, but do not use it often.

  1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common tooth whitening remedy. You can use the baking soda with lemon juice or water. When you mix together with lemon juice, let it form a paste then apply to your teeth. Allow 2 minutes before you brush your teeth with clean water. Whereas, you can mix the baking soda with water and give time to form a paste. Apply to your teeth and leave for about 5 minutes before brushing with water. Baking soda removes plaque from the teeth and makes them white; nevertheless, excessive use can damage the enamel.

  1. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Research is being conducted to ascertain if indeed hydrogen peroxide causes cancer, damages DNA, influences reproduction, etc. Thus, if you opt for this whitening product, use it once a day, but do not swallow and wash with lots of clean water.

With these 5 home remedies for teeth whitening, obviously you have useful information to execute appealing teeth. Do not abuse these products if you do not want a deficit tooth!